The International Programme on the State of the Ocean (IPSO) is an initiative created to enable a greater scientific understanding of the services the ocean provides to humankind and the impact of the main human stressors upon it, enabling solutions to be explored and greater communication with decision-makers and the public. To that end, the initiative brings together science, communications, policy and legal disciplines to consider the broadest possible solutions and to help the scientists reflect their findings and concerns in appropriate fora.

IPSO representatives give evidence and are called upon for advice by international bodies such as the United Nations, national governments and departments, as well as by the media and others.

It is part of the initiative’s role to develop new ideas or approaches to communicating the role of the ocean at an Earth System level and IPSO was:

  • instrumental in the foundation of the High Seas Alliance to help raise awareness of the much neglected areas beyond national jurisdiction;
  • a founding partner in OceansInc, which broadcasts quality television coverage about the ocean from important international conferences;
  • and a founder of Ocean Witness, a project still in development to enable ‘citizen’ marine science.

IPSO also produces educational materials about the ocean for schools and is evolving a new campaign to tackle ocean toxic pollution.

IPSO was founded through the support of the J.M. Kaplan Fund in the United States.

IPSO does not receive any government or corporate money.

All our scientists and experts contribute their time and energy pro-bono.

IPSO is a non-governmental initiative and does not receive any statutory funding. We are entirely dependent on the contribution of foundations, trusts and individuals to enable our work, as well as the great generosity of the scientists, lawyers, academics, communicators and others who donate their time pro bono.

To discuss funding or pro bono support, please contact Mirella von Lindenfels on: